vineri, iulie 11, 2008

PNL MEP visits LI ahead of autumn parliamentary elections

Last Thursday, Cristian Silviu Busoi (PNL-Romania), a Member of the European Parliament sitting with the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (LI full member), visited the Liberal International headquarters in London. Mr. Busoi was on a visit to the United Kingdom to exchange ideas with the Liberal Democrats on the new Romanian electoral system, an initiative of the Partidul National Liberal that was accepted by the Romanian parliament with overwhelming majority in March of this year. Compared to the previous proportional model, the new system is based on formula combining election of Members of parliament based on uninominal colleges, or constituencies, as well as distribution to the political parties according to the percentages obtained on county and national levels by party candidates. The seats distributed to the political parties will favour the larger parties who did not gain seats under the uninominal system, providing better chances for second and third place parties to gain representation. Dr. Busoi, who was accompanied by Mrs. Georgiana Busoi, a personal counsellor at the Romanian Ministry of the Interior, was positive ahead of the autumn elections: 'At the local elections on 1 June PNL has gained largest number of votes since mid 1990s. With continuous hard work in the coming months PNL can yet again demonstrate to the region and Europe that liberalism enjoys wide support in Romania'. PNL delegation also discussed a wide range of other issues with LI Secretary General Emil Kirjas and political advisor Jochem de Groot.

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